It's not often that you're presented with a brief asking you to manifest a magical world explaining where new OREO cookie flavors come from. But for me and my partner, this past fall that very thing happened. After countless ideas ranging from whimsical scent sniffing clouds to steampunk diesel dusting cookie creation machines, we landed on the idea of a "Wonder Vault". A magical place located just under our noses, hidden from plain site, but visible to those with just enough sense of wonder. 

The Wonder Vault debuted with the telling of the story of their 2 new permanent OREO delights, Red Velvet and Cinnamon Bun. The campaign was introduced to the world via a short web video that gave fans a magical lens into the Wonder-filled world of OREO's flavorful creations.


Wonder Vault Pop-Up NYC
To introduce OREO's newest flavor creation, Filled Cupcake, we dramatized the playful filling by bringing a pop-up Wonder Vault to New York City, and giving fans a real-life look inside the vault. To top it off, we rewarded visitors with an exclusive goody box packed with the unreleased OREO cookies before it was available to the public!

wonder vault
wonder vault


Explore the Wonder Vault in full 360˚glorious 4k video
For fans that couldn't make it to the NYC pop-up, we created a virtual Wonder Vault available to everyone! Take a ride down the creamy streams of the Wonder Vault to see where your favorite flavors come from. (Note: Apparently YouTube hates Safari, so this 360 video experience only works in Chrome/Firefox)